After a death

The time following the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. The following provides general information about what to expect following a death.

Firstly, a doctor needs to sign a certificate confirming death. A funeral director can then help with the funeral arrangements.

Funeral arrangements

A funeral is an important occasion for family and friends to pay tribute to the life of the deceased person, to share grief and commemorate the life lost.

If possible, it is helpful for families to discuss their wishes regarding the funeral service before meeting with the funeral director.

Issues that can be discussed include:

  • burial or cremation of the deceased person
  • the day, time and venue of the service
  • what to do with the ashes
  • the place of burial
  • music, decorations, flowers, or symbols of the person's life
  • whether to have a viewing
  • the eulogy
  • the coffin or casket
  • charitable donations.

Families of homicide victims

Families of homicide victims are eligible for financial assistance towards funeral costs.

For advice contact:

For more information, contact your local courthouse or the Coroners Court – Northern Region.

Funeral directors

The role of the funeral director is to provide advice and information about the options available to you when planning a funeral.

The funeral director helps with many practical tasks following the death of a loved one, including:

  • transferring of the deceased person from place of death to the funeral home
  • registering the death
  • applying for a death certificate
  • consulting with you and your family about funeral arrangements and details of the service.

There is also a voluntary code of conduct which outlines best practice within the funeral industry.

Selecting a funeral director

It is important to know that funeral costs can vary depending on the funeral director and the type of service you choose.

If you have not yet selected a funeral director, you can find one through:

Death certificate

Once the death is registered by your funeral director, you can apply for additional death certificates.

Find out how to apply for a death certificate.

Further information

Refer to our checklist of tasks after someone dies for information about how to execute wills, manage estates, settle financial matters and notify others.

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