What is a food business?

A food business is any business, enterprise or activity that involves the handling of food. This includes commercial, charitable, non-profit and community organisations.

What is handling of food?

Under the Food Act 2006, the handling of food includes the making, manufacturing, producing, collecting, extracting, processing, storing, transporting, delivering, preparing, treating, preserving, packing, cooking, thawing, serving and displaying of food.

This includes all steps along the food supply chain.

Examples of food businesses

Below are just a few examples of food businesses.

Food producers

  • farm that grows and harvests fruit and vegetables
  • farm that raises livestock
  • farm producing eggs
  • dairy farm
  • a commercial fishing boat

Food processors and manufacturers

  • food manufacturer that processes and packages food to sell to food retailers
  • warehouse that stores food for a supermarket
  • abattoir or meat processing plant

Warehouses and distributors

  • company that transport food
  • company that imports food
  • company that exports food
  • food delivery companies

Retailers and food services

  • restaurant
  • café
  • takeaway store
  • bakery
  • butcher shop that sells meat and meat products
  • fruit and vegetable shop
  • seafood shop
  • school tuck shop or canteen
  • mobile food vehicle
  • catering company that provides food at a function
  • childcare facility that provides food to children
  • after hours school care that provides food to children
  • hospital that provides meals food to patients
  • aged care facility that provides meals to residents
  • bed and breakfast, hotel or motel that provides food to guests
  • food sold from a vending machine
  • non-profit organisation providing home delivered meals to the elderly or people with a disability
  • charity organisation prepares food for a fundraising event
  • charity organisation that prepares and raffles food hampers
  • ready-made meals or dietary meals delivered to homes
  • water carriers

More information

Contact your local council to find out if you are planning to start a food business, or if you are unsure whether you are a food business.

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