Woman washing capsicum in kitchen sink

Food safety for consumers

Access the online complaints form, read general food hygiene tips, and advice about what to do if you suspect food poisoning.

Youth ordering food from a food truck

Starting a food business

Learn about the first few steps to starting a food business; how to get a licence, licence exemptions, design and fit-out standards, fees and charges.

Close up of hand tossing chopped vegetables in a bowl

Running a food business

Get up to speed on food safety requirements for your business including general food handling, food contamination procedures and animals on food premises.

Woman preparing food on trolley

Food safety programs and auditors

Find out if your business needs a food safety program, access templates to help you develop a program, and information and resources for auditors.

Teacher teaching students cooking techniques

Training and teaching resources

Access training and resources for food handlers, food safety supervisors and food safety auditors.

Woman reading food label in supermarket

Food labelling

Learn how to create a food label, including the information requirements and tools for creating a label.