Proof of exemption - coronavirus (COVID-19)

There are some legitimate reasons why a person may be unable to get fully vaccinated for the purposes of entering vulnerable settings or meeting workplace requirements. Those reasons are:

  • a medical contraindication (an accepted medical reason why you cannot be vaccinated)
  • participation in a COVID-19 vaccination trial.

Medical contraindications

Find out what counts as a medical contraindication.

If your medical contraindication is temporary, your medical certificate will also need to state the time period it applies for, and you’ll need a new medical certificate if your contraindication continues beyond that date.

Workplace requirements

You can continue to work (if your employer assesses the risk and allows it) if you are not vaccinated because of a medical contraindication but you must:

  • use personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements consistent with the PPE guideline and COVID safe plans
  • produce a negative COVID-19 test result each day before the start of your shift.

Applying for the exemption

You must provide evidence of the valid medical contraindication or of your participation in a COVID-19 vaccine trial to your GP or other qualified treating doctor and request they submit an exemption form for you.

If you are successful in obtaining an exemption, you will be treated as if you are fully vaccinated. Your Australian Immunisation Register record will be updated with your exemption, which will be accepted in place of proof of vaccination.

When you do not require proof of vaccination

You do not need to present proof of vaccination (or evidence of a medical contraindication) if:

  • you are younger than 16 years
  • you are exercising law enforcement, intelligence, or national security functions on behalf of a government agency
  • you undertake a legislated regulatory or compliance function, where delay in carrying out the function would cause a safety risk
  • as part of official union duties in response to an emergent need
  • if it would present a risk to your safety.