When complications occur


Symptoms of pre-eclampsia may include:

  • high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine
  • severe headaches
  • sudden swelling, weight gain
  • blurred vision or seeing ‘stars’ or ‘spots’
  • a sense of feeling very unwell.

What is pre-eclampsia?

Pre-eclampsia is a serious disorder of pregnancy characterised by high blood pressure and serious complications of other organs in the body. Without treatment, seizures can develop. This can be fatal for mother and baby.

It is the most serious medical complication of pregnancy, affecting around five to 10% of all pregnancies in Australia. Researchers still do not know exactly why it happens in some pregnancies.

Regular antenatal checks are vital to keep a check on your blood pressure. Sometimes medication is needed. The onset of pre-eclampsia can be fast! If you experience any of the symptoms, seek medical assistance urgently.

More information: Pregnancy, Birth and Baby – Pre-eclampsia

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  6. How will my baby’s heart rate be monitored during my labour?
  7. Concerns for baby in labour
  8. Antibiotic treatment during labour
  9. Blood loss after birth

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