Nannies and babysitters

Nannies and babysitters usually provide care in the child’s home. This can be arranged on an individual basis or through a registered agency. This type of service is not regulated.

Choosing a nanny or babysitter: what to look for

Trust is the most important factor when choosing a nanny or babysitter. Will they be able to build a good relationship with your children? Are they experienced?

Ask friends, relatives, your doctor or nurse if they can recommend anyone or know of reputable agencies. Good nannies and babysitters will usually have good references—if they don’t have any, it would be better to look elsewhere.

Check that they have a blue card—required by all people who work with children in Queensland.

You may be able to employ a nanny on a trial basis to see how they get along with your children before starting a permanent arrangement.

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Find a babysitter or nanny

The best way to find a babysitter or nanny is to ask people you know if they can recommend a person or an agency.

You can also search the phonebook for an agency or try the internet.

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Can I claim government benefits?

You will be able to claim the Child Care Benefit if your nanny or babysitter is a registered care provider with the Department of Human Services.

Find out what registered child care is and how to make a claim.

If you use a registered care provider you will not be eligible for the Child Care Rebate.

Read more about rebates and financial assistance.