Useful wildlife information websites

Queensland species lists, wildlife information and survey data can also be accessed from the following sites.



Online mapping system to access biodiversity related spatial layers and reports.

Species profile search

Find species information such as species names, notes and images and download species locations for Queensland’s native and naturalised plants and animals from the WildNet database.


Online mapping system with spatial layers and tools to generate species lists and view published survey data, species locations and project data from the WildNet database.

WetlandSummary—facts and maps

Access environmental information for a range of area types within Queensland (such as local government areas and national parks) and access species lists, notes and images.

Regrowth benefits indicative map

Interactive map to locate information about particular places (sites) and their suitability for regrowing native forest including biodiversity benefits for priority species.


WildNet wildlife records - published - Queensland

This is a subset of the wildlife records from the WildNet database approved for release (by data providers).

Generalised distribution and densities of Queensland wildlife

Queensland species distributions and densities generalised to a 10 km grid resolution based on the WildNet database.

Qld wildlife data API

Access WildNet data that has been approved for public release including species profiles, notes, statuses, images, species locations and project information.

Conservation status of Queensland wildlife

The names and conservation statuses of Queensland plants, fungi, protists, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and some fish and invertebrate groups based on the WildNet database.

Queensland Confidential Species

The list of Queensland confidential species from the WildNet database.

Herbarium specimen data - Herbrecs - Queensland

A subset of the specimen label data derived from the Queensland Herbarium Herbrecs database.

Census of Queensland flora

Names, distributions and status of Queensland plants, algae, fungi, lichens and cyanobacteria, based on the Queensland Herbarium Herbrecs database.

Australia’s Virtual Herbarium

Access plant specimen data obtained from Australian herbaria collections.

Queensland CORVEG Database

Access flora survey data from the Queensland Herbarium CORVEG database.

Regional Ecosystems Descriptions

Search the regional ecosystems database using the search form or by selecting a bioregion within one of the landzones.

Queensland Museum data

Access fauna specimen datasets of the Queensland Museum.

Online Zoological Collections of Australian Museums

Access animal specimen data obtained from Australian museum collections.

Pest Central data

Detailed spatial information on pest management activities in Queensland.

Atlas of Living Australia

Access species lists, distribution maps, records, notes and images for Australian wildlife.

Modelled potential habitat for selected threatened species in Queensland

A geodatabase of modelled potential habitat shapefiles for selected threatened species in Queensland.

Habitat suitability models series

This dataset represents the current status of Habitat Suitability Models across Queensland.

MapsOnline API

Access the MapsOnline service that produces a range of spatially-referenced information as map and report products.

Environmental reports online

Generate reports that provide information on specific environmental values by location.

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