Looking after Country Grant program recipients

The Looking after Country Grants (formerly known as the Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Grants) support a range of land and sea management activities.

Listing 66 grant recipients.

Year Recipient Project title Grant amount
2018-19 Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation Healthy Country Planning $75,000
2018-19 Northern Gulf Resource Management Group The Tagalaka Cultural Heritage and Conservation Development Program $75,000
2018-19 Wabubadda Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Planning for the management and conservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage at Urumbal Pocket Koombooloomba Dam, far north Queensland $74,618
2018-19 Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals Incorporated Bonny Glen Cultural and Environmental Land Management Planning $75,000
2018-19 Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation RNTCB Mithaka Cultural Mapping $75,000
2018-19 Wunthulpu Aboriginal Land Trust Wunthulpu Conservation Projects $21,952
2018-19 Bunya Bunya Country Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 7022) Hidden Midden Messages - the forgotten time capsules within our National Parks along the Sunshine Coast $75,000
2018-19 Yuku Baja Muliku Landowner and Reserves Ltd Cultural Database and Capacity Building for Waymbuurr Warra $75,000
2018-19 Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RTNBC Gunggari Cultural Sites project $74,191
2018-19 Butchulla Men's Business Aboriginal Association Butchulla Emergency Cultural Heritage Recording $75,000
2018-19 Muunthiwarra Aboriginal Corporation Muunthiwarra Country Plan $27,702
2019-20 Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty Ltd Kalpowar Lands Cultural Heritage and Site Management Project $75,000
2019-20 Yambangku Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development Aboriginal Corporation (YACHATDAC) Murra Yambangku (Hands on Country) Project $74,500
2019-20 Dirringhi Aboriginal Corporation Dirringhi Habitat Restoration $49,758
2019-20 Northern Gulf Resource Management Group Tagalaka Reading the Country for Future generations $75,000
2019-20 Bush Heritage Australia Cultural Conservation and Knowledge Transfer on Wangkamadla Country $72,600
2019-20 Kooma Traditional Owners Association Incorporation Kooma Morturary Tree $74,050
2019-20 Moompa-Awu Aboriginal Corporation (MAAC) Moompa-Awu - Development Cultural Knowledge Program $75,000
2020-21 Gummingurru Aboriginal Corporation Gummingurru Cultural Learnscape $73,400
2020-21 Goorathuntha Traditional Owners Limited Mt Tabor Women's Healing Group $74,990
2020-21 Buluwai Indigenous Corporation Buluwai Rangers and Cultural Tourism Development at Bunda Bibandji $75,000
2020-21 Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (with Tagalaka Traditional Owners) New Beginnings, Reconnecting with Esmeralda Nature Reserve $75,000
2020-21 Western Yalanji Corporation Western Yalanji Cultural Heritage Recording Project $75,000
2020-21 Gateebil Gurrnung Aboriginal Corporation Conservation Plan - Challawong Rock $41,800
2020-21 Wabubadda Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Jirrbal Country Planning $74,800
2020-21 Dulabed Malanbarra and Yidinji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Jilljirri Plan Implementation and Cultural Heritage Capacity Building $74,999
2020-21 Bigambul Native Title Aboriginal Corporation Bigambul Caring for Country Plan – for healthy country and a thriving Bigambul community $74,250
2020-21 Dabu Jajikal Aboriginal Corporation Jajikal Heritage Site Survey and Management Plan at Balabay (Weary Bay) $75,000
2020-21 Ngai-Kungo-I People Inc Caring for Ngai-kungo-I People's Sacred Waters $55,000
2020-21 Watsonville Aboriginal Corporation Mbabaram Bringing Back Cultural Burning and protecting cultural heritage places - Watsonville $75,000
2021-22 Bromley Aboriginal Corporation Bromley Traditional Burning $74,971
2021-22 Cape Melville Flinders and Howick Islands Aboriginal Corporation Understanding Manyamarr (Altanmoui Ranges) $75,000
2021-22 Dabu Jajikal Aboriginal Corporation Heritage and Natural Values Survey & Site Management Plan for Agincourt Reef $75,000
2021-22 Everick Foundation Wulgurukaba Rangers on Yunbenun (Magnetic Island) $75,000
2021-22 Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Mount Moffatt Cultural Heritage: Site Survey and Management Plan $74,500
2021-22 Kaurareg Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Mitigation of coastal erosion at Irrki $50,500
2021-22 Kuuku Ya'u Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Kuuku Ya'u Aboriginal Freehold projects $75,000
2021-22 Muluridji Tribal Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Eradication of Amazon Frogbit $75,000
2021-22 Muunthiwarra Aboriginal Corporation Reintroducing Traditional Burning on the Muunthiwarra Clan Estate $60,500
2021-22 Pitta Pitta Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Marion Downs Station Aboriginal Huts – a Pitta Pitta cultural heritage project $63,386
2021-22 River Nations Indigenous Corporation Ecological Restoration of a Bularm Guvarl (beach-forest) $74,260
2021-22 Wanyurr-Majay Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Madjabana Healing Country $74,900
2021-22 Western Kangoul Ltd The Cultural Landscape of Policeman's Lagoon, Western Kangoulu Country $75,000
2021-22 Yambangku Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development Aboriginal Corporation (YACHATDAC) 'Murra Yambangku' (Hands on Country) Project Phase 2 (Monitoring, Maintenance, Capacity Building and Cultural Exchange) $74,900
2022-23 Wangkangurru Yarluyandi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Wangkangurru Yarluyandi Stone Arrangements Cultural Heritage Project $75,000
2022-23 Gateebil Gurrnung Aboriginal Corporation Restoration of Challawong Rock $74,695
2022-23 Dabu Jajikal Aboriginal Corporation Women's leadership in cultural heritage conservation program $75,000
2022-23 River Nations Indigenous Corporation Ecological Restoration on Gooreng Gooreng Country $41,658
2022-23 Cape Melville Flinders Howick Islands Aboriginal Corporation Protecting critical Country and Culture along Wakooka - Cape Melville Road $75,000
2022-23 Bromley Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Bromley Traditional Burning 2023 $73,236
2022-23 Buluwai Indigenous Corporation Recording and looking after cultural places $69,550
2022-23 Wabubadda Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Cultural healing and preservation of the Little Millstream Jirrbal Settlement remains in Ravenshoe, Far North Queensland $74,625
2022-23 Mabuygiw Garkaziw Kupay Torres Strait Islander Corporation Dabangay (Dabangai) Restoration Project (Stage 2) - 2022-2024 $75,000
2022-23 Maryborough Aboriginal Corporation for Housing and Cultural Development Moonaboola Bush Garden $75,000
2022-23 Gimuy Walubara Yidinji Elders Aboriginal Corporation Gimuy Catchment Management Plan $74,004
2022-23 Kyerrwandha Thingalkal Land Trust Possum and Thaypan Country Plan, Cultural Burning and Invasive Species Control $71,137
2022-23 Port Curtis Coral Trust Reviving Culture and Healing Country in the Port Curtis Coral Coast Native Title Region $75,000
2022-23 Kullilli Bulloo River Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Dika-gala punu - Kullilli 'Make Country Good' 10-year plan $75,000
2022-23 Waanyi Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Waanyi Boodjamulla Culture Plan - Project for Cultural Integration and Capacity Building $69,660
2022-23 Nunnie Burra Ltd (Birriah Aboriginal Corporation) Birriah Country Connection, Recording and Caring for Country Management Plan $74,604
2022-23 Jumbun Limited Development and Documentation of Traditional Wisdom and Lore of the Land for Intergenerational Connection and Succession $75,000
2022-23 Jawiyaba Warra Aboriginal Corporation Imbala Butterfly Research on Jawiyaba $75,000
2022-23 Kaurareg Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Keeping Heritage Above the Water: Indigenous Disaster Risk Management and Planning in the face of Climate $74,835
2022-23 Wardingarri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Iman Taroom Aboriginal Settlement Conservation and Skills Development $75,000
2022-23 Wulli Wulli Nation Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Wulli Wulli Native Plant Nursery and Vegetation Skills Development $75,000
2022-23 Tagalaka Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Mapping Tagalaka Traditional Homelands $72,585