Public consultation

Under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, a management plan or statement must be prepared, as soon as possible, after the dedication or declaration of a:

  • national park
  • conservation park
  • resources reserve
  • nature refuge
  • coordinated conservation area
  • wilderness area
  • Indigenous joint management area.

A management statement has no statutory consultation requirements; however targeted consultation may be undertaken in accordance with the complexity of management issues that a park may present.

A proposal to prepare a draft management plan must be advertised publicly. Traditional Owners, landholders, local governments, interested groups and members of the public are all invited to have their say about the plan in the form of a submission. All properly made submissions are considered.

The draft plan must also be advertised, inviting the public to make more submissions, before it is finalised.

Management plans available for comment

Written submissions on draft management plans can be made via the Queensland Government’s Get Involved website.