Managing contaminated land

Duty to notify

There are new notification requirements to report events or changes in condition that relate to contaminated land or notifiable activities that have occurred or are occurring on land.

Those people who have a duty to notify include:

  • an owner or occupier
  • an auditor who has been commissioned to certify a CLID
  • a local government

A suitably qualified person has a duty to notify their employer or potentially the administering authority of an event related to contaminated land that has occurred.

Where a suitably qualified person or another employee has notified an owner or occupier, the owner or occupier would then have a duty to notify.

Further information is contained in the Guideline: duty to notify of environmental harm – ESR/2016/2271 (PDF, 290.3KB)


In this guide:

  1. General environmental duty
  2. Duty to notify
  3. Removals and changes to land registers
  4. Reconfiguring land
  5. Buying and selling contaminated land

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