Managing contaminated land

We are responsible for making sure that contaminated sites, including sites that have been used for activities that are likely to cause contamination, are managed in a way that protects public health and the environment in Queensland.

We do this by:

  • Administering the land registers; the Environmental Management Register (EMR) and the Contaminated Land Register (CLR). This includes adding, removing or amending details about land on the registers.
  • Assessing site management plans for contaminated land
  • Assessing disposal permit applications for contaminated soil
  • Appointing appropriate auditors for contaminated land and conducting quality assurance of auditor performance
  • Responding to pollution incidents or notifications related to contaminated land
  • Providing guidance about the regulation of contaminated land to local government, industry, and the community.

This guide explains how to meet your environmental duties and obligations when dealing with contaminated land. It also explains how to buy, sell, reconfigure and remove property listed on the land registers.

Managing contaminated land

In this guide:

  1. General environmental duty
  2. Duty to notify
  3. Removals and changes to land registers
  4. Reconfiguring land
  5. Buying and selling contaminated land

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