Understanding Queensland's native vegetation clearing laws

Requirements for clearing vegetation

Remnant vegetation and regulated regrowth vegetation can only be cleared under an assessment category.

The table below shows the requirements that may apply to your proposed clearing activity. The assessment category that applies to your situation will depend on the purpose of the clearing, the tenure of the land, and what the vegetation is mapped as.

To determine which assessment category applies to your proposed clearing activity, request a property report and vegetation map to understand the type of vegetation on your property. These are free and can be requested online.

Assessment categoryDescriptionRequirement
Exempt clearing work A range of routine property management activities. There is no requirement to notify us or apply for approval.
Accepted development vegetation clearing codes Codes apply to a range of low-risk clearing activities such as fodder harvesting and weed control. To use a code, you’ll need to notify us before starting to clear then follow the requirements listed in the code.
Area management plans (AMPs) AMPs are generally used to manage issues not addressed by an accepted development vegetation clearing code. They can also provide for a coordinated regional approach to a clearing activity (e.g. weed control) rather than a property by property approach. To use an AMP, you’ll need to notify us before starting to clear then follow the requirements listed in the AMP.
Development approvals If other assessment categories aren’t suitable, you might be able to apply for a development approval for operational works, material change of use or reconfiguring a lot. A development approval is a regulatory approval that must be obtained prior to commencing a development. The framework only allows development applications to be made for certain purposes. You can seek a development approval by lodging a development application.

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