We undertake research with external partners to develop new or improved methods for environment and natural resource assessment and monitoring. Our major partnerships are outlined below.

Joint Remote Sensing Research Program

Some of our partners, captured through our Terrestrial Laser Scanner, outside the Queensland Government Ecosciences Precinct at  Dutton Park during the Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Qld Unconference in March 2013.

The Joint Remote Sensing Research Program (JRSRP) is a collaborative program between the University of Queensland, University of New South Wales and the Queensland, Victorian and NSW State Governments. The JRSRP combines remote sensing research expertise and infrastructure to develop mapping and monitoring applications to support government, industry and the public.

The JRSRP aims to increase Australia’s capacity to conduct pure and applied remote sensing research to implement and assess effective environmental management policies at local, state and national scales.

Copernicus Data Hub

The Queensland Government is  a partner in the Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub with Geoscience Australasia CSIRO , the New South Wales government and Western Australia’s Landgate.

The  Copernicus Australasia Regional  Data Hub  provides free, open, trusted and reliable access to Sentinel satellite data

Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program (ACLUMP)

The Queensland Government  is a partner of  ACLUMP,  which is a consortium of Australian and state government agencies. ACLUMP is coordinated by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences. ACLUMP promotes the development of consistent information about land use and land management practices for Australia.

See more information about ACLUMP.