Maps and satellite imagery

Improved coastal mapping

The Improved Coastal Mapping Project was established to identify vulnerable areas of the Queensland coast and visualise the impacts of climate change (access report).

One element of the project used Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) to create a detailed Digital Elevation Model of the Queensland coastline. The LiDAR was supplemented with bathymetry (the study and mapping of seafloor topography), aerial imagery and tidal data to quantify and show the impacts of storm tides and elevated water levels (access data).

Pasture growth and land cover

AussieGRASS is a modelling system that monitors key biophysical processes associated with pasture degradation and recovery.

It provides maps of historical rainfall, current and forecast pasture growth and associated attributes such as runoff, biomass, curing index, grass fire risk, and cover, at continental to regional scale.

AussieGRASS products are useful for assessing drought conditions, and can help provide early warning of when and where livestock numbers may be out of balance with likely forage supply.

More information regarding AussieGRASS and current products can be found on the website.

Email for more information.

FORAGE is a web-based system that generates and distributes information relating to climate and pasture condition for rural lots on plan greater than 1 hectare in area.

FORAGE incorporates a number of products such as SILO climate data, satellite imagery and modelled pasture growth, delivering them in a form that users can easily interpret to facilitate decision-making in grazing land and environmental management.

You can request the following FORAGE reports for locations across Queensland:

  • rainfall and pasture by land type report
  • ground cover report
  • regional comparison ground cover report
  • indicative land type report
  • foliage projective cover report
  • regional climate projections.
  • drought assessment information report.
  • drought duration report
  • fire scar report
  • pasture growth alert report
  • long-term carrying capacity report
  • erodible soils report
  • crop frequency and type report.

Note: the erodible soils report is currently only available for some locations including:

  • the Burdekin region
  • the Fitzroy basin
  • the Burnett-Mary region.

The crop frequency and type report is only available for selected areas in southern and central Queensland (see locality map on website).

More information, webinars and guides regarding the FORAGE system and current products can be found on the website.

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