Fire safety at home

Most fatal fires are preventable. Take the following precautions to minimise the risk of a fire in your home.

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Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms detect smoke and sound an alarm, alerting you to a fire and giving you valuable time to escape.

By law, all homes must be fitted with smoke alarms.

Fire escape plan

A fire evacuation plan can save lives. All homes should have a clear evacuation plan that is known to each family member.

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Home security vs. fire safety

Finding the balance between securing your home from others and  ensuring easy escape in an emergency is important. Security devices such as deadlocks and window  grills can stop you and your family from getting out of the house in a fire.

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Is your home fire safe?

Get help to identify fire hazards in your home with a free Safehome visit from your local firefighters.

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Do your children have an unhealthy  interest in fire?

The Fight Fire Fascination (FFF) program is an initiative of  Queensland Fire and Emergency Services designed to support parents and  guardians with their efforts to educate their children about fire.  It is  based on a belief that children and young people can learn skills to remain  safe from fire. This is achieved through a series of visits to the home by specially trained firefighters.
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