Accessing records, reports or timetables

You need to submit a written request to the principal to access records held by a school. You can also request to have your records amended.

Some documents like school reports and timetables may already be available—check your school's website before making a written request. School contact details are available by phoning 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or searching the schools directory.

To help complete your request:

Principals will respond to your request within 10 school days of receiving it.

Charges may apply if you request access to records that do not contain your personal information (or of the person on whose behalf you have made the request).

Contact your school if you need more information about accessing records. School contact details are available by phoning 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or searching the schools directory.


Information about student timetables and exam timetables may be published on your school website, or in your school newsletter.

If not, you can talk to your child or your child’s teacher to get copies of timetables.

Reissue of certificates

Copies of Queensland Junior or Senior Certificates are supplied by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. A fee applies for this service and you will need to provide proof of identity. Copies can only be provided to the person named on the certificate.

For more information:

Reporting, statistics and performance

Every Queensland school is required to publish information that may be of interest to parents and the community including:

  • school contextual information
  • workforce information
  • funding information
  • social climate
  • student outcomes.

You can access these statistics, performance information about your school, and student and school achievements through:

This information can help you make an informed decision about your child's school.

See school and student reporting for more information.

School and education history

School records such as student admission details, teacher registries and administration files are found through the Queensland State Archives website.

Read about:

DoE Library Services provides other historical information such as:

  • school openings and closures
  • the history of Queensland state school education
  • school anniversary celebrations.


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