Enrolment age requirements

Enrolment ages for various stages of Queensland schooling are listed on this page.

See how to enrol for a general guide to enrolling your child, including the documents you will need to provide.


A child is considered to be of compulsory school age from 6 years and 6 months until they turn 16, or they complete Year 10 (whichever comes first).

Parents of compulsory-school-aged children must:

  • enrol them at a school
  • ensure they attend school on every school day, unless the parent has a reasonable excuse.


Prep is the first year of schooling and children must be 5 by 30 June in the year they enrol in Prep.

Check when your child can start Prep.

Kindergarten programs

Approved kindergarten programs help to prepare children for the Prep year. They are generally offered by kindergarten and long day care services. Children must be at least 4 by 30 June in the year they attend the program.

This only relates to enrolment in approved kindergarten programs—those meeting strict guidelines around teacher qualifications, the number of hours offered and the actual learning program itself. Kindergarten programs are not compulsory.

Mature age students

There are a range of options (including TAFE and distance education) for adults who want to study Years 11 and 12.

Conditions apply if you are 18 or older and want to enrol at a mature age state school as a mature age student. These include:

  • a criminal history check
  • the length of your previous state school enrolment
  • you have not previously been permanently excluded from your preferred school
  • you comply with all relevant enrolment requirements.

Contact the principal of your closest mature age state school for more information.

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