How to enrol

Some schools publish their enrolment forms and details of their processes on their school website. Usually, you can enrol your child a year ahead.

To enrol at a Queensland state school you should:

  • check if they have a School Enrolment Management Plan—to see if you live in their catchment area and are eligible to enrol
  • contact your school (generally the year before starting) and check their website for any specific enrolment procedures
  • complete an application for student enrolment form—from the school’s website or from the school
  • gather any required documents needed for an enrolment interview.

An enrolment interview with the principal (or other senior officer such as the deputy principal) is generally held at the school. After the interview, the school will give you copies of their Student Code of Conduct and school policy documents like the student dress code.

Required documents

Information schools might ask for includes:

  • your child's birth certificate or passport
  • any documentation that is required if the school has a School Enrolment Management Plan (e.g. a current lease agreement, rates notice, utility bill) for proof of residency
  • information about your child’s medical condition, medications (if applicable) and doctor
  • details of any relevant Family Court orders or other court orders (if applicable)
  • details of your child's previous education and care providers.

Contact your school for more information.

Children with disability

If your child has a disability, your school should provide information about their disability programs and services.

Non-state schools

Non-state schools (e.g. Catholic or Independent schools) often accept student enrolment applications up to 2 years in advance.

Contact your school for more information.