Travelling with a guide, hearing or assistance dog

Within Australia

A certified guide, hearing or assistance dog, following completion of the Public Access Test, Certification and Handler Identity Card Form by an approved trainer/training institution, can travel with you, as an approved handler:

  • on all public transport in Queensland
  • in most public places in Australia
  • on domestic flights.


Certified guide, hearing or assistance dogs are also able to travel with you overseas to and from Australian Government-approved countries.

If you are planning a trip overseas and will be taking your certified guide, hearing or assistance dog, you need to contact the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry:

They will advise if the country where you are travelling is approved for access of your certified guide, hearing or assistance dog, and will discuss the permits required for your certified dog to travel.

Prior to leaving Australia you will need to ensure your certified dog has been assessed by an Australian Government-accredited vet.

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