Supporting people with vulnerabilities in disasters

Everyone faces a degree of risk when a disaster or emergency affects a community.

Protective factors such as strong family and social connections enable many people in communities to be better prepared and able to adapt to the impact of a disaster.

However, some people and communities do not have this support, making it more likely for them to succumb to higher levels of risk, injury, loss, or severe and longer-term impacts than others.

We have developed People with vulnerabilities in disasters: A framework for an effective local response, in collaboration with key partners, to contribute to building resilient communities.

This will reduce the impact of disasters on people with vulnerabilities or people who may become vulnerable.

We have also developed a toolkit to provide organisations with an enhanced approach to applying the framework, including a range of actions and strategies that they can tailor to suit their respective resource and capability levels.

This toolkit also provides tips and resources to help support good-practice.