Volunteering is a great way to contribute to your community. It provides a variety of benefits, including making new friends, sharing skills, getting job-ready and becoming a part of the local community.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering Queensland provides information for many volunteering opportunities in Queensland. Visit their website to find volunteering opportunities, or search their database by location or work/skill type.

You can also contact your nearest volunteer resource centre to find out about volunteering opportunities in your region:

Volunteers do great things across a wide range of sectors. To get an idea of the broad range of programs in Queensland, check out the options below.

Arts and culture

Community services

  • Become a Justice of the Peace and act as an objective witness of official or legal documents.
  • Volunteer with Homeless Connect, a one-day event linking homeless people with vital services.
  • Community First Development volunteers assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their communities by providing specific skills such as financial management, business development, IT and graphic design.
  • Australian Youth Mentoring Network links mentors with mentoring programs that work with young people.
  • Community Visitors Scheme is a national program that provides companionship to socially isolated people living in aged care homes.

To learn more about opportunities with the Care Army, visit Volunteering Queensland.


Corporate volunteering

  • Companies that engage in employee volunteering actively support and encourage their employees to volunteer their services to a local community organisation. It is one way in which businesses can fulfil their social responsibility.

Emergency volunteering


Keeping the community safe

  • Driver Reviver assists travellers to have a safe journey by providing them with refreshments at rest break sites.
  • Volunteer with Neighbourhood Watch Queensland, an informal group that meets to identify and address local issues.
  • Work with police through Volunteers in Policing to address customer service, community safety and crime prevention needs in the community.

Online volunteering

Online volunteering allows you to make a difference from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Some interesting opportunities include:


  • You might not have an interest in participating in sport, but what about managing fundraising, preparing marketing material, developing websites, setting up campsites or being a mentor? Find opportunities for sport and recreation through a state sport and recreation organisation or Volunteering Queensland.


  • Grey Nomads provides people who are young at heart with the opportunity to travel to new places and experience volunteering at the same time.

Need volunteers?

Register with Volunteering Queensland's free service where you can connect with the volunteers you need. Once registered, you will be able to create your organisation profile, place ads for your volunteering opportunities and interested volunteers will apply directly to you.

Legal information for volunteers in Queensland

Workplace Health and Safety

Civil Liability

  • The Queensland Civil Liability Act 2003 protects certain volunteers from incurring personal civil liability while undertaking voluntary community work for a state government agency, local government authority or an incorporated organisation. In order to be protected under this Act, volunteers must act in good faith and their work must be ‘organised' which suggests formal control, supervision and a registration process. If a volunteer fulfils the conditions set by the Act, they are exempted from all civil liability for their actions.
  • The Commonwealth Volunteers Protection Act 2003 removes the civil liability of volunteers performing work in good faith for the Commonwealth, or a Commonwealth authority, to pay compensation to third parties where they may have caused personal injury, property damage or financial loss.

Checks and screening

Volunteers may be required to undergo checks and screening to do particular activities, dependent on organisational and legislative requirements. This includes volunteers who work with children and young people and volunteers who work with people with a disability.


On the Volunteering Queensland website, you can find extensive resources for volunteers and volunteer management, including volunteering statistics, mentoring, rights and responsibilities, awards and recognition, code of practice and insurance.

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