About the week

Foster and Kinship Carer Week is held annually from Saturday of the Labour Day long weekend in May to the following Saturday. In 2023, it will run from 29 April to 6 May.

During the week we say thanks to more than 6,000 foster and kinship carer families in Queensland for their dedication and commitment.

Thank you for opening your hearts and homes to children and young people in need.

The week is an opportunity for everyone to acknowledge the valuable role they play in our communities.

A day in the life

Find out what everyday life is like for Evan, a kinship carer of two young boys.

When Lou found out how many children were in need of care, she and her partner Amelia decided to become foster carers. Find out what daily life is like for them now.

Damian and Brad describe what life is like for them as foster carers of three children, saying it’s challenging, rewarding and special all at once.

Find out what daily life is like for Helen, a kinship carer to her grandson.

Sandra grew up with a foster sibling and has now been a foster carer herself for more than a decade. Find out what a day in the life of Sandra is like.

Justin has shared what a typical day is like for him and the two kids he cares for.

Discover what a day in the life of foster carer Michael is like.

Our foster carers

Hear from foster carers about the rewards of being a carer.

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