Carer Connect

Carer Connect is a web and mobile friendly app that has been developed to provide carers with improved and secure access to information and support, when and where they need it.

The app is an outcome of the extensive consultation with foster and kinship carers through the Partners in Care engagements across Queensland, commencing in 2017 with regular regional engagements ongoing.

The app is being used by foster and kinship carers across the state.

Ongoing enhancements to the app are based on feedback received and updates are developed and released regularly.

Visit the Carer Connect site to register or download 'Carer Connect QLD' from the Apple store or Google Play.

What information is available in the app?

Carers who have children and young people staying with them as a Primary and/or Respite placement can view relevant information and documentation to gain an understanding of how the needs of the children in their care can best be supported.

Information available may include:

  • Placement agreement and Authority to Care
  • medical information, e.g. serious health condition alert, health passport and immunisations
  • Child Safety contact information, including after-hours phone number
  • type of child protection order and expiry date
  • cultural information
  • current education information.

What can carers do in the app?

In addition to viewing child and carer entity information, carers can:

  • upload pictures of their home and family that can be shown to children when they are transitioning to a new placement
  • view noticeboard articles that announce everything from training and social events to legislation changes.
  • make contributions to the life story for children and young people in their care using kicbox
  • view and build children and young people’s “Who am I” profile – valuable information about their likes, dislikes, strengths and their routine
  • submit  claims for Child Related Costs reimbursements for children and young people currently in their care and which have been pre-approved by the Department.

kicbox and Carer Connect

What is kicbox?

kicbox is a platform for recording a digital life story for children and young people in out-of-home care.

Think of the platform as a digital version of a keepsake box—a place to safely and securely record a personal life story. Photos, documents, personal mementos—all the moments in time that underpin identity.

When should a kicbox account be created for a child?

Once a child or young person commences in a care arrangement, a kicbox account is automatically set up for them.

This allows foster and kinship carers and Child Safety staff (that are working with the child) to start contributing to the account, and building the child's digital life story.

How does a carer contribute to kicbox?

Carers contribute to a child's kicbox account through their Carer Connect account.

When can a young person be invited to use kicbox?

A young person can be invited to access and start using their kicbox account once they are deemed old enough by their Child Safety Officer (approximately 12 years of age).

The young person will need their own email address to be able to login and start using the platform.

Find more information about kicbox.