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A great way to contribute to your community is through volunteer work.

The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services has information for new volunteers, existing volunteers, volunteer managers and profiles of inspiring volunteers.

Alternatively, you can visit Volunteering Queensland to find opportunities in your area.

Choose the type of volunteering that suits you

A good way to decide on the type of volunteer work is to consider your interests and situation:

  • Are you looking for a regular weekly commitment, a short-term project or a one-off event?
  • How much time do you want to spend volunteering each week?
  • Can you give your time during the day, after work or on weekends?
  • Do you want to learn a new skill or share a current interest?
  • Do you want to volunteer with family and friends or alone?
  • Will there be costs involved for you? What reimbursements are available?
  • Will you need to travel to get there and is there public transport or free parking nearby?

Volunteering opportunities

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services has put together a list of ways to volunteer, including contact info.

You can search the Volunteering Queensland database by location or work/skill type.

Alternatively you can visit your nearest Volunteer Resource Centre:

Volunteer to help with disaster recovery

To make sure you can help during a disaster, volunteer with an emergency organisation now. During a disaster, many emergency organisations can’t take on new volunteers because they haven’t done the necessary training.

Volunteers are also needed from businesses and not-for-profit and community groups, to help get ready for natural disasters and support local disaster management. Register your interest on the community emergency inventory.

Disaster recovery volunteering skills

Learn the skills that might be important to help people. You could:

Get qualified to help

Learn the skills that might be important to help people in a disaster, and keep them up to date. You could:

  • enrol in a first aid course
  • undertake a telephone counselling training program
  • register with a professional organisation relevant to your skills.

Resources for volunteers

Resources for volunteer managers

Publications and research

Free smartphone app for volunteering

Volunteering Queensland has launched the ReadyQld smartphone app, to update Queenslanders about emergency volunteering opportunities, disaster news and tips for natural disaster preparation.

More about the free ReadyQld application.

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