Apply for The Duke of Ed

Starting The Duke of Ed

Before you apply

  • Find an Award Unit:
    • Check if your school or local youth organisation is an Award Unit. If they are, you can sign up with them straight away.
    • If you can’t find an Award Unit near you, contact the State Award Operating Authority for help.
  • Choose your Award level—Bronze, Silver or Gold—make sure you meet the age requirements and allow enough time to complete the Award before you turn 25.

How to apply

  1. Read the Award insurance.
  2. Complete the Participant application form (PDF, 568KB) or (RTF, 112KB).
  3. Send the application form with the application fee ($155.50) to your chosen Award Unit.

What happens next?

When your Award Unit has processed your application you will need to sign up to get access to the Online Record Book.

Once your Award Leader has accepted your Online Record Book access, you can then start doing your Award.

Continuing to the next level

How to get started

When you have completed your Bronze or Silver Award and it has been approved, you can start the next level.

  1. Read the latest Award insurance.
  2. Fill in the Award continuation form (PDF, 542KB) or (RTF, 99KB).
  3. Return the continuation form and application fee ($111.50) to your Award Unit.

What happens next?

When your Award Unit has processed your application you will be able to use the Online Record Book; you can use the same login details you used for your previous Award level (when you log in, the system will prompt you to register for the next level).


In Queensland The Duke of Ed application fee is:

  • $155.50 the first time you do the Award
  • $111.50 for each level after.

The fee covers your Online Record Book, certificate and badge.

You may have extra costs depending on the activities you choose. Some schools and clubs may have an extra fee for additional services—ask your Award Leader about these.


The application fee provides limited umbrella coverage with the National Award Authority (NAA) for Public and Products liability for participants and recognised adult volunteers while undertaking authorised Awards.

The umbrella coverage also applies for International Public Liability if a participant is undertaking any activities for the Award outside Australia. Travel insurance and personal accident insurance must be obtained by the participant or volunteer, so please check your organisation's insurance conditions.

More information

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