Inspections for written-off vehicles

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is currently undertaking a review of the written-off vehicle scheme. We will provide further advice on the future of the reforms in due course. Please continue to monitor this site for up to date information.

Types of inspections

A repairable write-off can be re-registered for use on the road after it passes both a:

  • safety certificate inspection
  • written-off vehicle inspection.

A safety certificate inspection checks that the vehicle meets the minimum vehicle safety standards.

A written-off vehicle inspection checks the identity of both:

  • the vehicle (to reduce the illegal use of vehicle identifiers and stop the re-birthing of stolen vehicles)
  • parts used in the repairs.

After the vehicle has passed the written-off vehicle inspection, a repairable write-off remains on the written-off vehicle register so future buyers are aware of the vehicle history.

This can affect a vehicle’s future re-sale value. Be aware of this if you decide to keep or buy a repairable write-off.

What vehicles need an inspection

A repairable write-off can be re-registered after it passes the necessary inspections.

A statutory write-off can never be re-registered, so doesn't need an inspection.

A hail-damaged vehicle may be exempt from a written-off vehicle inspection if it meets the exemption criteria.

Booking an inspection

Safety certificates are issued by an approved inspection station.

Queensland Inspection Services is the contracted service provider for written-off vehicle inspections across Queensland.

Visit the Queensland Inspection Services website for advice on the inspection process, duration and costs.

Call 1300 722 411 to book an inspection or find out more.