Journi is a free road safety education program for children in years 5 and 6.

With the help of education experts, this program was created to teach the skills needed to develop healthy road safety attitudes and behaviours.

Using interactive games, quizzes and videos, Journi provides practical advice for children ages 10-12 about becoming safe road users.

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Take the Journi

Oh, hey there! Let me introduce myself. My name's Roadbot and welcome to...
[clown car horn sound]
Sorry about that, button’s jammed again.

My name's Roadbot and welcome to Journi.
[children cheering]
You've probably noticed that in the last few years you've gained a lot of freedom.

It's because you're getting older - you probably complain about the weather,

play bingo on the weekends. OK maybe not that old, but you're walking to school, scootering around or might even have your own phone.

[cheesy music ringtone]
Roadbot speaking.

No, I can't possibly talk right now, I'm making another video and it's all about me. OK. Anyway this new freedom’s great

but it brings new dangers with it too and, when you don't pay attention, danger can really sneak up on you.

Where did that come from?

So, to help keep you and your friends safe, you'll be trying to answer a big question.
What does it take to travel safely and independently?

How did that thing get in here? Back down here.
To work out the answer, you'll be doing things a bit differently. You can't just Google this one. Believe me I've tried.

Instead you'll be playing games, talking ideas and even making some cool stuff

of your own. But back to the games. You'll notice that things look different in the game world. See this is me

and this is me cubed, get it, cubed?
[audience groan]
Don't blame me, I don't write this stuff. In the games, you'll be skiing down mountains, dodging flying fish

and crossing a road in space.

To play these games, you'll be heading to the arcade. But before you do that, you'll need a character, so you'll be

creating a Ubot. Ubots are a smaller, greyer, cuter version of you.

And, as you make your way through Journi you'll be earning coins too. Unfortunately, I'm a little short on cash at the moment, so I can't

afford to pay you real money. Instead I've created a new currency, Journi coins! In the real world, they're pretty worthless,

but in Journi you can use them to customise your Ubot

and upgrade your arcade. So, while you'll be learning important stuff on how to be safe around the roads, you'll also be

having a tonne of fun. So, let's get started, star-, star-, started [Roadbot’s button jams] [boing sound]

I guess we ran out of money for the fireworks. Ah, don't worry about it - let's get started.


Journi is developed as a teacher's resource and is compliant with the Australian Curriculum (Health and Physical Education and Digital Technologies streams).

It can be used at home or in the classroom.

Videos can be viewed by themselves; however, they are best when viewed as a part of the program.