Learner licence demerit points

In Queensland, we don’t lose ‘points’ when we commit an offence. Instead, we start with zero points, and demerit points are added to our traffic record when we commit certain offences.

Demerit point limits

If you get 4 or more  demerit points within a continuous 1 year period while you hold a Queensland  class C learner licence, your driver licence will be suspended for 3 months.

You’ll receive an 'Accumulation of demerit points notice of driver  licence suspension' in the mail to confirm your suspension. You won’t need to  hand in your driver licence.

You don’t have the option of a good driving behaviour period  on a class C learner licence.

Changing  your suspension start date

You may start your suspension period before the start date  shown on the 'Accumulation of demerit points notice of driver licence suspension'.  However, the start date can’t be before the current date or after the start date  advised on the notice.

If you don’t tell us that you want to start the suspension  period earlier, your suspension will start on the date advised on the notice.

Notify us of your suspension

To tell us that you want to start  your suspension earlier, complete the relevant section on the 'Accumulation of demerit  points notice of driver licence suspension' and send it to us:

When the suspension ends

At the end of your suspension period, if your licence:

  • has not  expired, it will be reinstated automatically
  • has  expired, you’ll need to renew it before driving again
  • is  cancelled or suspended for any other reason, you must not drive.

Driving while suspended

You must not drive a motor vehicle while your licence is  suspended.

If you’re found driving on a suspended licence, you’ll be  charged with unlicensed driving and need to appear in court.

If the charge is proven, the court:

  • may  disqualify you from holding or obtaining a driver licence for 6 months
  • may  impose a fine of more than $5,200 or 1 year of imprisonment.