South-east Queensland services


Translink services

Translink coordinates bus, train and ferry services throughout south-east Queensland.

View Translink timetables.

Non-Translink services

Non-Translink operators provide services in the Translink area but they may have different tickets, fares and conditions—including university shuttles, island ferry services, and AirTrain services.

Translink is not responsible for these services.

View timetables for privately owned services.

School bus services

Translink provides contact details for school bus companies. You will need to contact the bus company who runs your child’s school bus service directly to get a current timetable.

View the school bus timetables or use the timetable search—make sure you select 'school' for the service type.

Alternatively, contact your child’s school for timetable information. See the Schools Directory for contact details.


Translink provides maps covering south-east Queensland:

  • regions
  • stations
  • networks (trains, ferries, Nightlink and high frequency buses)
  • busways.