PrepL Supervisor

About the PrepL Supervisor Course

Being a safe driver is a lifelong journey. The PrepL Supervisor Course has been developed to assist supervisors to teach learner drivers to drive safely. You can also enrol in to the course to refresh your knowledge of the Queensland road rules.

As you supervise a learner driver, you have an important role in teaching them how to drive safely. The PrepL Supervisor Course will assist you by providing guidance on your role and responsibilities in shaping them into a safe driver. We all have a responsibility to maintain our knowledge of the road rules and make sure we are sharing the road safely.

The PrepL Supervisor Course shares the road rule and safe driving behaviour learning modules from the learner driver PrepL course so you and your learner driver can have a rewarding experience together.

What the course includes

  • Resources developed to support supervisors in guiding and explaining driving skills.
  • A set of lesson plans from basic to complex driving situations.
  • A demonstration video on how to perform a commentary drive and begin developing your learner's hazard perception skills.
  • Guidance on communicating effectively with your learner and dealing with stressful situations.
  • Information to help break bad driving habits.
  • A 30-question quiz that can be taken multiple times to test your road rule knowledge and identify areas for improvement.
  • Important safety tips after the learner phase has ended, like what to look for when buying your first car.

Your 12-month access period starts from the date of payment. You can access the course as often as you need during this time, using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Your progress will be saved and you can pick up where you left off.

Enrol in the PrepL Supervisor Course

To get access to the course, you will need to enrol in the PrepL Supervisor Course.

Hi, my name is Brian Everett. Today, we'll be talking about hazard perception and what it means to a driver, hazard recognition, how it works in the car, and how important it is to safety.