Driving interstate or overseas

Driving interstate with a Queensland driver licence

If you're driving interstate, you still have to adhere to the conditions of your Queensland licence. You'll also have to obey the rules of the Australian jurisdiction you're driving in. To find out if any other conditions or restrictions will apply to you when travelling interstate, contact the transport authority for the Australian jurisdiction that you'll be driving in.

Driving overseas with a Queensland driver licence

You are generally able to drive internationally (subject to the laws of the country you are travelling in) with an international licence as well as your Queensland driver licence. Contact the driving authority in the country you are planning to visit to find out their driver licence requirements.

We don't provide information about international licensing. The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) website has information on how to get an international licence.

Renewing your Queensland driver licence while interstate or overseas

You may apply to renew your Queensland driver licence if you're temporarily interstate or overseas. Find out about renewing your licence when interstate or overseas.

If you no longer live in Queensland, you need to contact the driver licensing authority in the state, territory or country where you now live to get a new driver licence.