Road closures and conditions

Road conditions can change quickly when incidents—such as vehicle crashes, dangerous weather, power outages, emergency roadworks and special events—occur.

In some cases, roads are closed and detours are set up to guide you around such incidents.

This can be to:

  • keep you away from danger
  • clear a hazard from an area
  • protect an area from getting damaged
  • help roadworks
  • help an event to run smoothly.

Signs and markers

To make sure you drive safely and correctly in bad conditions, and around road closures and restrictions, you must know the:

Your keys to driving in Queensland provides more information on what the different road signs mean.

Road conditions and closure information

QLDTraffic provides real-time details of road closures and road conditions across Queensland.

Safe driving tips

We recommend you get traffic updates and plan your route before heading out on Queensland ’s roads.

However, if you find yourself in unexpected conditions, make sure to drive as safely as possible.

View our tips for safe driving.