Operating an approved inspection station

Approved inspection stations (AIS) may conduct vehicle inspections and issue inspection certificates, including safety certificates and certificates of inspection, for the following vehicles:

Safety certificates

  • light vehicles—cars or light commercial vehicles up to and including 4.5t gross vehicle mass (GVM)
  • light trailers—caravans and trailers over 0.75t aggregate trailer mass (ATM) up to and including 4.5t ATM
  • motorcycles—motorcycles, motortrikes and mopeds.

Certificate of inspections

  • heavy vehicles—vehicles over 4.5t GVM up to and including 16t GVM and unregistered vehicles over 16t GVM
  • heavy trailers—caravans and trailers over 4.5t ATM up to and including 10t ATM and unregistered trailers over 10t ATM
  • light vehicles – vehicles up to and including 4.5t GVM
  • motorcycles – motorcycles, motortrikes and mopeds.

Read more about operating an AIS, including how to apply to become an AIS, a nominee or an approved examiner, and purchase inspection certificate books.


View a list of vehicle inspection fees for:

Inspection certificates online

Inspection certificates online (ICO) allows AIS to complete an electronic inspection certificate. If an AIS uses ICO, most customers will not need to visit a transport and motoring customer service centre to lodge their inspection certificate.

For more information about the ICO system please email

Use the Find an AIS online service to find an AIS that issues online inspection certificates.