Present vehicle orders

A present vehicle order (PVO) is an order issued by a police officer or transport inspector when they have a reasonable belief that a light vehicle (such as a car or motorbike) may be defective.

A PVO requires you to present your vehicle at a certain date, time and location for an inspection.

An officer or inspector may believe your vehicle is defective if they:

  • see it and are not able to safely stop you while driving
  • receive a complaint about your vehicle.

Presenting your vehicle

As a PVO is a lawful order, you must present your vehicle for inspection unless you have a reasonable excuse.

If you don't follow your PVO instructions, the officer or inspector who issued it may:

  • issue you with an on-the-spot fine
  • commence action against you to cancel your vehicle's registration.

What happens at the inspection?

When you present your vehicle for the inspection, the officer or inspector will check if it complies with various requirements, including vehicle registration and standards (such as dimension or safety requirements).

You may be issued with a defect notice if your vehicle is found to be non-compliant.

What if I can't make the inspection?

If you are not able to present your vehicle as requested, you must contact the officer or inspector who issued the PVO to arrange another appointment. Their contact details are included on the PVO.

Inspection fees

After the inspection, if your vehicle is found to be:

  • defective—an inspection fee may be charged, the inspector will advise you of the amount
  • not defective—no fee will be charged.
Vehicle type Fee (as at 1 July 2022)
Inspection of a vehicle up to 4,500kg $57.75
Inspection of a vehicle over 4,500kg $57.75