Non-emergency medical transport

If you need to travel to a medical facility for an appointment, you may be able to travel by ambulance, providing you meet at least 1 of the following criteria:

  • you need stretcher transport
  • you need active management or monitoring while travelling
  • you have a condition that would cause you embarrassment or be of serious concern to other people on public transport.

Ambulance transport for Queensland residents is free of charge.

How to request a non-emergency service

You or your doctor may request this transport; however, you must have a medically authorised transport request*, signed by your doctor. Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) can decline to send you an ambulance if you do not have a signed medically authorised transport request.

Once you have your signed transport request, call QAS (giving them at least 24 hours notice to schedule your booking) on 13 12 33 (local call cost). They will ask you for the following information:

  • the name, age, date of birth and gender of the patient
  • the patient's home address
  • the pick up location for the patient (this may be a residential address, medical clinic, or hospital)
  • the date and time required for pick up
  • the location of the medical facility the patient is going to
  • the name of the medical officer (doctor) authorising the transport
  • the nature of the patient's illness or injury
  • any special care requirements
  • any return transport requirements.

While the QAS will make every attempt to meet pre-arranged visits, an emergency call will always take precedence over a non-emergency call.

*Medically authorised transport request forms are provided by QAS directly to medical clinics and are not available online.