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Participation programs

We fund a range of programs, available across Queensland, to help you improve your health and strengthen your links with your community and support services.

View the full list community organisations providing services.

Time for Grandparents Program

If you’re the primary carer of grandchildren, you may be eligible for support and respite through the Time for Grandparents Program. The program runs free activities, including camps and recreational activities for children and their grandparents.

The ‘grandfamily’ camps for children and their grandparents provide:

  • safe and enjoyable recreational activities for both grandparents and grandchildren run by qualified instructors
  • information sessions on parenting issues, finances and legal matters as well as individual and group counselling sessions
  • information about your local support systems and services available in your community.

Learn more about the Time for Grandparents Program or call 1300 135 500 to see if you're eligible.

Nominate yourself to serve on a government body

A rewarding and productive way to get involved with government is to serve on a government board, committee or statutory authority. You can register to be considered for a position with the Queensland Register of Nominees to Government Bodies list.

We use this confidential register to search for new members when a position on a board or committee becomes available.

Community Cabinet

Community Cabinet gives you the chance to talk to ministers or directors-general about what you feel is important to your community. To meet with a minister you must pre-book a formal meeting (deputation).

Look for an upcoming Community Cabinet meeting near you.

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