Heritage and music digital trail

Heritage and Brisbane’s music scene have a longstanding and ongoing connection. Music and entertainment venues are strongly valued by the community and play an important role in our cultural identity.

Venues such as the Bellevue Hotel and Cloudland Ballroom were important community and social spaces, creating shared memories and experiences for generations of Queenslanders.

In addition to their architectural and cultural significance, many heritage places also have an exciting layer of history related to Brisbane’s musical heritage.

The former TC Beirne department store in Fortitude Valley was a major rehearsal space for Brisbane bands such as Regurgitator and Powderfinger during the 1990s. The Go-Betweens played their first live performance at Baroona Hall (now Lefty’s) in Paddington in 1978.

Venues such as the Orient Hotel in Fortitude Valley have had a long association with live music while others, such as the Old Museum at Bowen Hills, have been adapted more recently to become performance spaces.

This heritage and music digital trail uncovers the stories behind some of our historic places and explores their links to Brisbane’s popular music culture.

Petrie Terrace trail—From Club 76 to (I’m) Stranded

The Petrie Terrace trail highlights the cultural and historical significance of this area and highlights its role in the development of Brisbane’s music scene from the 1970s—including its links to internationally renowned band, The Saints.

Petrie Terrace

Find out more about the history of Petrie Terrace, including its development from 1820s–1970s.

Club 76

Discover the link between legendary Brisbane band, The Saints, and No.4 Petrie Terrace—also known as Club 76.

Baroona Hall

During the 1970–80s, Baroona (Caxton) Hall was an important venue for live music and performances in Brisbane.

Illawarra and O’Keeffe’s buildings

Read about how these terrace houses became the backdrop for one of Australia’s most iconic rock images.