Organisations Fund 2021 - 2024

Funding for outstanding arts and cultural organisations

The Organisations Fund is a key component of Arts Queensland’s investment framework, providing operational funding to Queensland-based arts and cultural organisations across a range of art forms and practice. Organisations contribute to Queensland’s arts and cultural profile by capturing Queensland’s culture, heritage and distinctive stories through delivery of high-quality creative practice, products and services for all Queenslanders.


The objectives of the fund are outlined below in the examples of how arts culture and creativity will deliver on the Advancing Queensland Priorities.

Advancing Queensland PrioritiesExamples of how arts, culture and creativity will deliver on priorities
Create jobs in a strong economy
  • Contribute to the Queensland economy through employment opportunities for artists and arts workers and growth in cultural tourism.
  • Support professional and career development opportunities for artists, organisations and businesses to develop their careers.
  • Grow investment and diversify incomes supporting employment opportunities and the sustainability of businesses in the Queensland sector.
  • Support the growth of First Nations led Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts industries in Queensland.
Give all our children a great start
  • Deliver high quality arts and cultural services to children and young people which provide strong foundations and encourage creative thinking.
  • Share Queensland stories, from First Nations to the stories that continue to shape the State, for reflection, education and enjoyment.
Keep Queenslanders healthy
  • Encourage Queenslanders to engage and participate in arts and creative activities which support wellbeing and health outcomes.
  • Foster creative practices in communities which strengthen social cohesion and build community resilience.
Keep communities safe
  • Build partnerships with local communities to deliver arts and cultural activities and services which support social, cultural and economic outcomes.
  • Support increasing the depth and reach of engagement and participation in high quality arts and cultural activities for all communities.

Key dates



Applications open

Applications suspended as at 18 March 2020


All applicants must:

  • have satisfied the reporting requirements of any previous Arts Queensland funding.
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • be a legally constituted Queensland-based not-for-profit, incorporated entity and have been incorporated for two or more years prior to application.
  • not be an Arts Queensland shareholder company, Arts Statutory Body, or Major Performing Arts organisation (as recognised by the state and federal governments), a government entity, or be wholly owned or controlled by local, state or federal governments.

In addition, Visual Arts and Craft Strategy (VACS) applicants must also be recognised as having a core focus on visual arts, craft and/or design.

Arts Queensland will consider, on a case-by-case basis, applications from arts and cultural organisations that are directly supported or owned by an academic and/or training institution.

More information

Contact an Arts Investment Officer on (07) 3034 4016, 1800 175 531 (toll free), or email