Western opal fields

The opal fields extend in a north-westerly direction from the New South Wales border at Hungerford stretching west of Cunnamulla, Quilpie, Longreach and Winton to Kynuna, a distance of about 1000km.

The best time to visit is April–September. Summer should be avoided due to the high temperatures and possible heavy rains that can make road access impossible in some areas. Always check road conditions before travelling and carry emergency supplies.

Old workings in the area pose a safety hazard. Be careful around old shafts, avoid the loose edges to open shafts and supervise children at all times. Never enter shafts—unstable ground, bad air, and snakes and spiders are some of the hazards that may be present.

A fossicking licence is required in all areas. Fossicking is not permitted on any mining leases and claims in these areas without the permission of the holders.

If you have any questions about fossicking, contact the local mining registrar.

Western opal fields

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  1. Yowah fossicking area
  2. Toompine designated fossicking lands
  3. Opalton designated fossicking land

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