Fossicking rules and responsibilities

Fossicking is a regulated activity in Queensland and requires a fossicking licence.

This licence allows you to search for and collect fossicking materials for recreational, tourist and educational purposes only.

Licences are not required at tourist mines and similar sites that charge a fee for entry. You also don’t need a fossicking licence to hunt for treasure or lost items using a metal detector. You should check with the local council for any rules about accessing public beaches and other areas for this purpose.

This guide explains what tools you are allowed to use and where you can fossick. It also explains your responsibilities under fossicking legislation in regards to safety, hygiene and behaviour.

If you have any questions about fossicking, contact the local mining office.

You can receive an on-the-spot fine or be prosecuted if you breach the provisions of your fossicking licence.

Fossicking rules and responsibilities

In this guide:

  1. Personal protection and safety
  2. Where you can fossick
  3. Responsibilities of fossickers
  4. Permitted activities and materials

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