Northern Queensland fossicking

A number of fossicking areas have been set aside in northern Queensland for recreational and tourist fossicking. Visitors can fossick for gem topaz at Mount Gibson and O’Briens Creek, agates at Agate Creek, moonstone at Moonstone Hill and sapphires at Lava Plains.

Fossickers require a fossicking licence in all areas. Sites that are general permission areas are subject to special conditions and all fossickers must be careful to comply with these.

If you have any questions about fossicking, contact the local mining registrar.

Northern Queensland fossicking

In this guide:

  1. Agate Creek fossicking area
  2. Lava Plains fossicking area
  3. Mount Gibson fossicking area
  4. Young's Block fossicking area
  5. O'Briens Creek fossicking area
  6. Moonstone Hill feldspar locality

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