Central Queensland gemfields

Five fossicking areas on the Central Queensland sapphire fields have been set aside for recreational and tourist fossicking. There are also another 6 areas of designated fossicking land, but on those certain commercial mining tenures are also allowed. Generally the designated fossicking land encompasses deeper wash, but patches of ground suitable for shallow hand excavation occur in places.

Fossickers require a fossicking licence in all areas. Fossicking is not permitted on the numerous mining leases and claims in these areas without the permission of the holders.

If you have any questions about fossicking, contact the local mining registrar.

Central Queensland gemfields

In this guide:

  1. Willows designated fossicking land
  2. Glenalva fossicking area
  3. Middle Ridge fossicking area
  4. Big Bessie fossicking area
  5. Graves Hill fossicking area
  6. Tomahawk Creek fossicking area
  7. Sapphire/Rubyvale designated fossicking land

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