Sentence options under the Youth Justice Act

The Youth Justice Act 1992 sets out how children who commit offences, or who are alleged to have committed offences will be dealt with by the courts and the legal system. The Act is the exclusive sentencing code for criminal court matters to do with children.

Part 7 of the Act covers the possible sentencing options a court can impose on a child in Queensland.

In particular, part 7, division 4 of the Act outlines the orders that can be given to a child who is found guilty of an offence before a court.

See Sentence options – Youth Justice Act 1992 for information on:

  • the types of community-based and custodial orders available to the court under the Act
  • the purpose of each type of sentence
  • the key consequences for children who are given each type of sentence
  • the support and help available to young offenders who are given each type of sentence.

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