Blue card resources

We have resources available for individuals and organisations to help you understand how the blue card system works.

Resources available on this page:

You can download and print these resources as required.

We also have a suite of videos to help you understand the blue card system.

General information about the blue card system

When a card is required and how to apply

Application process

Application process outline for:

For individuals

Learn whether you need a blue card and how to apply for your industry:


Exemption cards

This flow chart outlines when an exemption card may be needed by a police officer or teacher.

Learn more about getting an exemption card for work outside your professional duties as a:

Parents and carers

Information for parents and carers to assist with their choice of organisations who deliver services to children, see our parents and carers fact sheet.

More resources and information coming soon.

For organisations

Learn when a blue card is needed for:

These flow charts outline if a blue card is required and how to apply for:

This flow chart explains to employers how to authorise the card of new employees, students and volunteers requiring a blue card.

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Access our blue/exemption card application forms. Or learn how to apply online.

Other information for individuals

The fact sheet about the rights and obligations of blue card holders explains:

  • using a blue card in different roles
  • what to do if your
    • card is lost or stolen
    • police information changes
    • card is suspended or cancelled
  • when to renew
  • updating us about changes.

You can also learn:

Other information for organisations

Learn more about:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community resources

Learn how to apply for a blue card in remote communities and frequently asked questions for remote communities.

Put these posters up around your organisation to help your community understand the blue card system:

Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community resources

Services in-scope of the HSQF

These resources are for services in-scope of the Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF).

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