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Complaints about lawyers

If you are using the services of a lawyer or law firm in Queensland, and you are not happy with their service, you can make a complaint.

See complaints about law and crime if you want to comment on a law or crime issue, or make a complaint about the legal system, the police or a government official.

Talk to your lawyer

If you are unhappy with your lawyer’s service, you should talk to them first and try to resolve the issue directly.

Complain to the Legal Services Commission

If you have spoken to your lawyer about your concerns and you are still not happy with their response, you can contact the Legal Services Commission.

The Legal Services Commission is the only body that deals with complaints about lawyers, law practice employees and unlawful operators in Queensland.

Types of complaints

The commission assesses and deals with: 

  • consumer disputes (e.g. delays, costs, rudeness) 
  • conduct complaints 
    • unsatisfactory professional conduct (e.g. failure to follow instructions, poor service) 
    • professional misconduct (e.g. fraud, conflict of interest, serious overcharging).

Read more about types of complaints.

The Legal Profession Act 2007 (QLD) describes how lawyers need to act and the standards they need to meet.

How to make a complaint

There are 2 ways to make a complaint. You can download a form or write to the commission.

Download a form

Download and complete a complaint form.

Send it to:

Legal Services Commission
PO Box 10310
Brisbane Adelaide Street  QLD  4000.

If you can’t download the complaint form, call the commission for a copy.


  • 07 3406 7737—if you are calling from Brisbane 
  • 1300 655 754—from outside Brisbane.

Remember to sign the declaration on the back of the form and attach copies of any relevant documents. Do not send any original documents.

Write to the commission

Write to the commission with details of your complaint by post or email.

By post

Legal Services Commission
PO Box 10310
Brisbane Adelaide Street  QLD  4000

By email

You must identify yourself and the person or law firm and describe the event or conduct that you are concerned about.

Provide as much detail as possible to support your complaint.

How complaints are handled

How the commission deals with a complaint depends on how serious it considers the complaint to be. For example, the commission can take lawyers to court if it believes they are guilty of professional misconduct.

The commission can order mediation if the complaint is valid but not serious. The commission may also dismiss complaints.

See how complaints are assessed and processed.

If you don’t agree with a decision

If you don’t agree with the commission’s decision you should contact the person at the commission who handled your complaint. They may reconsider your case.

You can make a complaint against the commission if you are still not satisfied.

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4 September 2014
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