About lot entitlements

This information is relevant to all schemes in Queensland registered under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 and any of the 5 regulation modules.

Lot entitlements in community titles schemes set out each owner’s:

  • body corporate costs and voting rights
  • share of common property and other assets
  • lot value for calculating government rates and other charges.

Lot entitlements are set by the original owner (the developer) when the community titles scheme is established.

Lot entitlement schedules for your community titles scheme are recorded in a document called the community management statement. Get a copy of your community management statement.

Lot entitlement schedules

There are 2 lot entitlement schedules.

They are the:

  • contribution schedule
  • interest schedule.

See an example of how these schedules could appear in the community management statement for a block of 8 units.

For each of the 2 schedules, each lot (or unit) in the scheme is identified and given a whole number. The aggregate or total of all of the lot entitlements is also shown—for the contribution schedule the aggregate is 8 lot entitlements. For the interest schedule it is 16.

Schemes before 13 July 1997

The registered plans for schemes created before 13 July 1997, have only 1 schedule of lot entitlements.

For these schemes, the law says that the contribution schedule lot entitlements and interest schedule lot entitlements are identical to the single schedule endorsed in the original plan.

See the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (QLD) —transitional provisions for more information.

How lot entitlements are used

Contribution schedule

The contribution schedule lot entitlements are used to calculate:

  • each owner’s share of most body corporate costs (some costs, like building insurance premiums, may be divided in a different way)
  • the value of an owner’s vote if a ‘poll’ is called for when voting on an ordinary resolution.

Interest schedule

The interest schedule lot entitlements are used to calculate:

  • each owner’s share of the common property and body corporate assets if the scheme ends (e.g. a scheme could be terminated if all lot owners agreed to dispose of the scheme because they wanted to redevelop)
  • the value of the lot for calculating local government rates and charges, and other costs.

Costs for services supplied to a lot (e.g. water and electricity) that can be separately measured and charged are not divided among the owners on the basis of lot entitlements. The owners are separately billed by the service provider for the cost of supplying the service to their lot.

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