Report a stolen, damaged or abandoned vehicle

It is an offence to leave a vehicle (a car, truck or motorbike) on the road or footpath once the vehicle registration has expired.

Once your vehicle registration expires, move your vehicle onto private property to avoid an infringement and possible removal of your vehicle by the council.

Abandoned vehicles

If a vehicle is registered and is not parked illegally or dangerously, it won’t be considered abandoned.

Check vehicle registration status to identify if the vehicle is registered.

Contact your local council to report an abandoned unregistered vehicle. If you report an abandoned unregistered vehicle, the council will try to find the owner. If no owner claims the vehicle, the council will remove it.

To report a suspicious vehicle or a vehicle that is parked in a hazardous way, contact Policelink online.

Stolen and damaged vehicles

If the crime is happening now and you are in immediate danger, call Triple Zero (000).

If the crime has already occurred and it is unlikely that the offender is still in the area, you can report it online or contact Policelink on 131 444.