How to get a permit to get a weapon

You cannot own or buy a weapon just because you have a licence. You also need a permit to acquire.

A permit to acquire is for 1 weapon only. You must apply again each time you want to get a weapon.

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Permit to acquire

To apply for a permit to acquire, you must have (or have applied for) a valid weapons licence. You can only apply for the type of weapon that is covered on your licence.

See our video for help applying.

The permit to acquire will be mailed to you if your application is successful. You can have it faxed to your licensed gun dealer if you include their fax number in your application.

You will be told (in writing) if your application is not successful.

Apply for a permit


There are 2 types of permit —individual and business. Choose what suits you.

Permit to acquire individual

Permit to acquire business

At your local police station

Download the application form if you cannot apply online.

Go to your local police station with the completed forms and the other documents you need.

These include a photo I.D. and details of your current weapons licence or application.

Getting a weapon

Once you have your permit to acquire you must use a licensed dealer to get a weapon.

You can go directly to a dealer or have them act as an agent between you and another licensed weapon owner.

Go to your local police station if the nearest dealer is more than 100km from where you live.