Weapons licensing

Getting a weapons license

In Queensland, you must have a valid weapons licence to use a gun, crossbow, paintball gun or even certain types of knife. While a weapons licence allows you to operate a weapon - you will also need a permit to acquire to own or buy a weapon.

There are certain conditions to meet before applying for a weapons licence which may include the completion of an approved safety course in weapons safety.

Learn more about weapons licensing and how to apply.

Managing your licence

You need to notify the the Queensland Police Service (QPS) if:

  • your licence has expired
  • you are renewing your licence
  • your circumstances have changed
  • you are changing your licence conditions or categories
  • you are surrendering your licence
  • your licence is lost or stolen
  • your personal details have changed.

Read more about managing your licence.

Expired licenses

If you have not applied to renew your licence at least one day before the expiry date, your licence will become invalid, and you will no longer be licensed to possess any weapons.

Find out what to do if your licence has expired or you want to apply for a new licence after it has expired.

Getting a weapon

A permit to acquire (PTA) authorises a weapons licence holder to buy or acquire a weapon. You will be asked the details of your weapons licence when applying for a permit.

A permit to acquire is for a single weapon only. You must apply each time you want to get a weapon.

You can only apply for the type of weapon covered on your licence.

Learn more about how to apply for a permit to acquire and the supporting documents you will need with your application.

Weapon dealer licence

A dealer’s licence is a business license allowing you to operate a business buying, selling, brokering, or transferring weapons. A licensed dealer can also act as a broker—that is, an agent between the buyer and the seller.

Find out more about business licences including a dealer’s licence and the supporting documents that you must provide.

For more information about weapons licensing visit the Queensland Police website.