How to get a gun dealer's licence

A dealer’s licence lets you carry on a business to buy, sell or transfer weapons. A licensed dealer can also act as a broker—an agent between the buyer and the seller.

Licence conditions

You can apply online for a dealer’s licence. You must give us a number of documents to support your application. These include:

  • a safety course certificate
  • a copy of your registered business or company name
  • proof that you understand the laws affecting a licensed dealer
  • written advice of your secure weapons storage
  • council approval of your business.

See the Weapons Regulation 2016.

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Watch our video for tips on how to apply.

Apply for a licence


Apply online for a dealer’s licence

Chose ‘business’ and ‘dealer’s licence’ from the drop down menus at the bottom of the page.

At your local police station

Download the application forms if you cannot apply online.

Go to your local police station with the completed forms and the other documents you need.